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Tapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearing

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High carrying capacity
A large number of rollers and washer raceways have the best consistency, so that the bearing can bear heavy axial load and radial load at the same time.
The adaptation is not right
Tapered roller bearing is automatic alignment, can adapt to the situation of misalignment.
Separable design
Tapered roller bearing is separable, so the bearing seat washer and shaft washer, roller and cage assembly can be installed and removed separately. In addition, it is convenient for maintenance and inspection.
High speed performance
Cage design and the best consistency of roller and washer raceway make the bearing suitable for relatively high speed.
Long service life
Tapered roller profile can reduce the edge stress of roller / raceway contact.
Low friction
The optimized roller end / flange contact keeps the friction heat at a low level even at high speed.



QQ: 625952492

Phone: 13734479222

Tel: 13734479222

Email: 625952492

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