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Structural form and characteristics of bearing

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Structural shape and characteristics of single row and double row bearings:
According to the presence or absence of bearing ring rib, it can be divided into the following shapes. Nu, N, NNU and NN are suitable for free side bearings. NJ type, NF type, can bear a certain degree of universal axial load, N type and NUP type are used as fixed side bearings.
N-day bearing is composed of NJ bearing and L-shaped flange ring. During the installation of NUP bearing, please keep the lettering side of the retaining ring outward. NSK day PST by bearing is the highest bearing capacity. General standard bearing, use stamping cage or car cage. The purpose of high-speed rotation is to use car cage.
The rated load recorded in the dimension table is based on the cage classification in Table 1. In addition, for the same type of cylindrical roller bearing, the number of rollers will change when the cage shape is different. In this case, the rated load is different from the value recorded in the dimension table. The double row NN type is mostly high-precision bearing with inner diameter taper hole. This kind of bearing is used for machine tool shaft. The cage is formed by poly (phthalamide) or made by car.

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