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Look at the advantages of lubricated bearings

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Products that can be consumed can cover up almost all mechanical industries, including robot systems, lathes, things, cars, large-scale equipment, etc., and reduce conflicts and friction. In the contact parts of the ring, rolling element and holder of the bearing, the metal contact is prevented, and the conflict and wear are reduced.
Extend your life. Bearing rolling fatigue life, in rotation, rolling contact surface lubrication is good, then extend. On the contrary, if the oil viscosity is low and the film thickness is not good, it will be shortened. Remove heat and cool. The circulating oil supply method can use oil to discharge the heat generated by the conflict, or the heat from the outside for cooling. To prevent bearing overheating and lubricating oil aging.
In terms of bearing effect, it should be support, which is literally used to support the bearing, but this is only a part of its effect, and the essence of support is that it can bear radial load. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. It is to fix the shaft so that it can only finish rolling and control its axial and radial movement. The result of motor without bearing is that it can't work at all.
Because the shaft may move in any direction, and the motor operation request shaft can only roll. Theoretically speaking, it is impossible to complete the effect of transmission. Not only that, the bearing will also affect the transmission. In order to reduce this effect, it is necessary to complete good lubrication on the bearing of high-speed shaft. Some bearings used to have lubrication, which is called pre lubrication bearing.



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