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corporate culture

long-term target
It is determined to become a leading bearing solution provider in China, providing first-class products and services, further improving its comprehensive R & D capability, continuing to expand its advantages in product structure and system management, and making full use of all resources to become an excellent manufacturer and service provider in the bearing field.
Enterprise spirit
Diligence, integrity, modesty and innovation. Diligence reflects the professionalism of "Mingtai" people, integrity reflects the moral quality of "Mingtai" people, modesty reflects the work style of "Mingtai" people, and innovation reflects the driving force of "Mingtai" people's progress.
Selfishness and altruism
Self interest is human nature. Without self-interest, people lose the basic driving force of survival. At the same time, without altruism, life and career will lose balance and eventually lead to failure.
Life equation: the result of life and work = way of thinking + enthusiasm + ability
Ability: talent, intelligence, is innate.
Enthusiasm: that is, the level of work enthusiasm and hard work, is the acquired elements.
Mode of thinking: refers to people's mentality, philosophy, ideas and ideas. The way of thinking can be divided into positive value and negative value, with a large span, so the way of thinking determines the result of life and work.



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